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For your Japanese and English translation needs

This service has been set up to accommodate clients that only have a few words they need translated into Japanese and who want the job done economically. This service has a minimum charge of U.S. $15.00 and is available for those who pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, etc.) Files are saved with DOS extensions (Windows). A few examples of people who would use this service are:

- Jobs like those listed above can be handled by our Short Translation Service -

Using our Short Translation Service

Step 1: Get a quotation from TanuTech

Use the Short Translation Quotation Request Form to request a quotation

Step 2: After receiving your quotation by e-mail, send us your data (if you haven't pasted it into the form) and make payment using your credit card through the Kagi Service (secure payment system that allows payment in U.S. funds)

Step 3: After Kagi has confirmed your payment (usually within 24 hours), we will e-mail your data in .zip compressed format within the time frame selected on the Quotation Request Form.

Although this is a TanuTech service that deals with short translation requests, your work is done by the same qualified translators and graphics workers that work our major projects, and all translations are checked by an editor before delivery.

Note: Please be sure to ensure that you give an e-mail address that we can contact should we have questions in the event you place an order. We regret that we cannot accept orders from hotmail, infoseek, yahoo and other tentative addresses.

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