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For your Japanese and English translation needs

We have had a lot of experience in Website localization and have successfully completed site locations involving upwards of 800 files. We work direct in the html code, and will, with your permission, localize it in addition to translating it. For example, Japanese is often the reverse of English. Address orders are backwards when looked at from an English standpoint. We can fix problems like these directly in the html code as we find them.

If your project is 10 pages or more, chances are that you will find our rates quite favorable.

What we offer:

For more information contact us at:

A.E.L.S. (TanuTech)

Shandorie Bldg. 4Fl, Kitakawaramachi 1-5-25

Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, 590-0076

Ph/Fax 81-722-21-3400

E-mail: tanutech@tanutech.com

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