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For your Japanese and English translation needs

If you have software you need localized, consider contacting us. We have successfully localized applications written in VB, C++ (Mac), 4D (Mac), and Perl into Japanese as subcontractors. We have the necessary tools and experience to successfully undertake localization.

We can handle the entire localization process, including documentation, or just a part of it (for example, just the help files or documentation) depending on your needs.

Tools List
Tool OS
Trados 6.0, Multiterm Windows
TanuChu Dictionary Windows
VB 4.0 Enterprise Windows
VB 5.0 Professional Windows
emacs Linux
Adobe Distiller Windows
Adobe Illustrator Windows
DTP Tools (FrameMaker+SGML, PageMaker, Quark Xpress, etc.) Windows

What we offer:

Bridge image

- All of our localization work is done in Japan -

For more information contact us at:

A.E.L.S. (TanuTech)

Shandorie Bldg. 4Fl, Kitakawaramachi 1-5-25

Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, 590-0076

Ph/Fax 81-722-21-3400

E-mail: tanutech@tanutech.com

For interesting information about Japan, visit our Japan Info section.

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